Base Loaded 160M Half-Sloper Antenna

Zoom in on Taps

I wanted to have a resonant antenna on 160M so this is what I came up with.

    Construction is pretty straight forward.
  1. Drill end caps for 3/8-24 hardware
  2. Ring connector on end of wire that was fed through PVC tube for cap.
  3. wrap wire around coil form. Every so often place a tap (spade connector).
    Closely wind wire and wide space taps for big jumps in inductance.
    Closely tap wire and increase space on winding for small jumps in inductance.
  4. finish off wire with ring connector and assemble last end connector.
  5. Drill very small "breather" hole in one end cap
  6. Put female connectors on a length of wire that will be your jumper.